The Definitive Guide About Floating Bookshelves

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The organization is very important when it comes to the arrangement of items in our room.

For those of us who are book lovers, researchers, and students who are in possession of large amounts of books, you can store, organize and keep your books in good shape with the help of floating bookshelves.

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These shelves will offer you quick access to any book of your choice and will display them well and add beauty to your collection of books depending on the kind of design which was used in the production of the shelve.

Floating shelves for books is just like a typical floating shelf which is made for the purpose of storing books and other handwritten materials.

Just as we all know that a floating shelf is the kind of shelf that has no visible supporting brackets and all the fixings on the wall are hidden within the shelf board, the same thing applies to float bookshelves.

The only difference is the design. Depending on the collection of books in your possession and by using a floating bookshelf, you can get yourself a mini library at home which most readers would love to have.

Forms And Design of Floating Bookshelves

Just like every other shelf, these shelves come in different designs and forms depending on the taste and style of its user and the kind of purpose it is about to serve.

Although it normal purpose is to store book but also if a large amount of books is in question, the form and design need to be considered in order to provide the user a reliable and durable floating bookshelf.

Below are some of the forms and designs of floating bookshelves which are popular in the world today.

Wooden Floating Bookshelves

These are usually termed floating wall shelves for heavy books because of the wood material been used to manufacture it.

These kinds of shelves are usually recommended for readers with a large number of books in their collection because the wood is strong enough to withstand the weight of the books that are to be placed on it.

These details need to be given attention to because in a case where a weaker material is used, it will end up in failure and lead to damage of the bookshelf.

Floating Invisible Bookshelves

Yes as the name implies they appear to be invisible and still carry books on them.

It is a new technique applied to modern floating bookshelves giving them a unique and appealing look to the eyes of anyone who sets eye on them.

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No covering visible material like plastic, wood or glass is been applied because the main aim is to acquire invisibility so the best method is to apply large supporting brackets to the inside of the last book and placing other books on top of it.

This way when viewed, it seems as if nothing is holding the books thereby achieving invisibility making it look unique. As you can see there is nothing really special about how it works.

Corner Floating Bookshelves

A corner floating bookshelf is a unique style of applying a bookshelf to a room, it transforms the space in the corner of your room into a bookstore and a mini library.

Studies have shown that a large number of bookshelves found in homes are been placed in the corners, seems like people like walking up to the corners to pick a book or even read there.

They have turn out to be the most suitable places for storing books.

Floating Cube Bookshelves

These bookshelves are being designed to form the shape of a cube thereby creating an enclosure for the books that are to be stored in it.

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It is built like a box to be hanged on a wall with all four corners surrounding it closed with the material used for its production leaving only the front surface open to enable the users to have access to the book that is been stored in it.

Acrylic Floating Bookshelves

These kinds of bookshelves are made from acrylic thus its name. Acrylic is a polymethyl methacrylate material that is non-toxic in nature and is resistant to moisture and scratches.

This material is recently gaining importance in the building of modern shelves and cabinet.

Due to the nature of the material, it provides a high gloss finish to its surface thereby making your bookshelf shiny and attractive.

It is available for commercial use as Crylux, Plexiglas, Lucite and so on. It is also regarded as one of the best materials for kitchen cabinet due to its resistance to water.

Glass Floating Bookshelves

It is as simple as the name implies. They are just normal bookshelves that are made of glass.

It gives your shelf a different look, making it look more attractive and gives beauty to the room.

This kind of bookshelf is not common though because users are scared of its durability and damage.

Due to the brittleness of glass, little hits on it can lead to its breaking and can also cause injury to someone nearby in the process.

Floating bookshelves have proven to be the best way to store books in places that are not termed to be a library.

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No what how you place it, no matter the design you used, it will still do its job of offering beauty and organization to your books and also the room.

The color of the shelf is also an important factor that needs to be considered when planning on placing a bookshelf in your home. An odd color will turn out to be a major turn off when it is been mounted.

A white floating shelf for books is the type that probably goes with anything not minding the color of the room, it will still fit.

If you have a certain amount of books that you read and desire to keep them but do not know where to, consider the installation of a floating bookshelf in your home and store and organize your books properly.

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