All About Floating Corner Shelves (The Complete Guide)

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When you hear the word “floating corner shelves”, what pops into your head? Many of us might just be hearing the word for the first time and some might have them at home but do not know what it is called.

Well guess what? This piece is aimed at offering you a quick knowledge about what these kinds of shelves are all about.

A floating shelf is a type of wall shelf that shows no visible wall fittings or supporting joints to hold it in place.

It is mostly supported by screws which are been applied at the bottom of the shelf which is still not visible unless you bend over and look at them.

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So, therefore, floating corner shelf is simply a type of floating shelf that is been mounted across the corner of a wall, making it have two adjacent sides linking each other up.

Depending on the design, it is either made to suit the corner or it turns out to be the combination of two sides that align perfectly in the corner.

Shelving is a unique household decorative item that can be functional, decorative, and necessary all at the same time.

It all depends on your taste, if your style is traditional, rustic, or modern, shelving units come in different shapes and sizes to suit any need you require, sometimes one might require a large floating corner shelf or will even prefer a small one.

Corner spaces mostly turn out to be a little difficult when you plan to occupy them.

Without a floating corner shelf hanging in balance on the wall, there is not much you can put in there to occupy the space but even though the options are limited when it comes to interior design and decor.

These shelves will go a long way to give you the taste you need at that corner because they create space for you to add more things and also create an opportunity for you to display items in the room.

Uses of Floating Corner Shelves

There are a lot of uses of floating corner shelves that may be unknown to most of us, the following below are a few uses, check them out:

  • Work Space

It is possible for you to make an empty corner in your room a suitable workspace for you, by placing a beautifully made corner shelf.

Transform the space to a home office or workstation that will be a suitable surface for laptop use, personal computer use or video game use. Can also serve as a study junction for school students.

  • Treasure Stash

A well set up corner shelf can serve as a location to display your greatest achievements that come in physical form, which may be either awards, medals, trophies or certificate.

This kind of set up adds beauty and organization to the room.

  • Bookcase

If you are a book lover and still enjoy passing time reading lots of books in your collection, why not get yourself a floating corner shelf large enough to occupy your books and make them easier for you to access.

  • Bathroom Storage

Bathroom floating corner shelves are very important to help organize and arrange items that are mostly used in the bathroom.

Squeeze extra storage into a bathroom or laundry by placing floating wall shelves that are space efficient right at that empty corner.

  • Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is one of the best places to put a corner shelf. It’s important to make the most of every inch of space in the kitchen and to maximize storage as much as possible.

Corner shelves can be added so you can store spices, dishes and other things close at hand or so you can keep herb planters close to the windows.

If you own a lot of kitchen utensils and need to keep them in check and avoid your kitchen being disorganized, you need a well-crafted kitchen floating corner shelf.

  • Decoration

Floating corner shelves serve as decorative furniture and show beauty and organization to you anywhere they find themselves.

A well designed floating corner shelf with lights can appear so beautiful, appealing to the eyes and get the attention of anyone that walks into the room

  • Closet

Corner shelves can also serve as mini closets depending on the design. They can be used to place shoes, ties, caps, jewelry and so on.

Floating corner shelves can be used for many purposes depending on the room’s owner requirements, it is very reliable.

There are also floating corner shelves for TV and its components bringing organization to your sitting room.

These shelves come in different forms and designs depending on what they are going to be used for, sometimes you might see a wood floating corner shelf, floating glass corner shelves, metal corner shelf and so on.

Floating Corner Shelves 2

The kind of work is to be used for determines the kind of material to be utilized in its production. For example.

Glass floating shelves are mostly used in the shower because water tends to destroy the woods so it is not advisable to use wooden shelves in such areas.

Also, the size of a shelf is been determined by what it is used for and the amount of space available at the corner. You do not want to place a large floating corner shelf in a relatively small room corner without expecting congestion in the room.

Your aim for putting the shelf is to beautify and organize the room and not make it congested for you, so size really matters when considering a floating corner shelf.

Floating Corner Shelves 3

The design of these shelves is a detail which more attention should be given to.

Its design is what brings out the beauty of the shelf if it is not properly constructed or furnished well (in the case of wood), the shelf will turn to be unappealing and unattractive which is not right for the room of its use.

The color of these shelves plays a major role in their attractiveness. They are sometimes made to fit the color of the room or are given unique colors like white, black, brown to stand out.

Every room needs a floating corner shelf for most of the reasons listed above. Just like normal shelves we use, floating corner shelves are not different from them.

Their popularity has been increasing as the years go by due to their simple nature and functionality. No matter the purpose you need them for, there’s one for every room.

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