Embellish Your Home With The Perfect Floating Shelves For Living Room

In order to maximize the space of your living room along with enhancing the decor in the finest way, shelving is a great idea, but not all shelves look elegant.

The solution is to use floating shelves for living rooms.

A floating shelf is designed to fit even within a small space, they spear to be seamlessly attached to the wall as the supporting brackets are hidden within the shelf.

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Most modern floating shelves present a clean display, regardless of their style and shape.

The use of Floating shelves helps you to save space and to keep decorative items on display in an organized manner, they can then be retrieved easily whenever needed.

Things that you can place on floating shelves:

• Framed photos
• Flower Vases
• Candle arrangement
• TV Stand
• Bookshelf
• Art collections
• Souvenirs
• Clock piece.
• Decoration pieces

If you are still not convinced to use floating shelves in your living rooms then here are some more reasons for you:

Add functionality

Floating shelves in your living rooms add functionality to your vanilla walls, making them useful to place decoration pieces, book collection, photo frame, Souvenir clock or any other thing that adds to the décor.

Corner filling

If you feel that the corners of your living room are underutilized, then you can change that by using floating shelves.

It is the best way you can fill up that space and while adding elegance to the overall décor, without sacrificing any precious space elsewhere.

Moreover, they make your small living room spacious by not covering much space in between. Storage and elegance all together!

Increase Storage Capacity

Floating shelves can increase the storage capacity of your living room without using bulky cabinets and occupying any precious space on the floor.

For storing books and other personal items, it is an effective solution. If you have kids, then you have a better idea about how their toys are scattered everywhere.

So floating shelves can keep the toys at a particular place. Also, keeping them out of reach of kids if it’s a no-play time.

Exhibit Personality

The décor of your home’s living room portrays the personality of its residents.

Using floating shelves in your living room can add a modern look to your living room, depicting your taste for staying up to date with the latest trends.

Adding personality to your space compliments your décor and leaves a good impression on your guests.

It works as a doorway for others to know more about you. A floating shelf with a simple display of art might become a good conversation starter.

Hence, share your interests and hobbies by being wise in choosing the perfect shelf that complements your lounge and home.

Light and Airy

The extra space around your floating shelves will make it look lighter to the eyes and create an ambient environment. This gives a fresher look to the overall space.

Several designs option

Floating shelves give designers with several options to innovate and create unique designs, making your living room wall look more distinctive.

Floating shelves can be in any shape, size, and color, all depends on your imagination.

Easy installation and maintenance

Floating shelves can be easily installed in your living room with a power drill to secure the shelving to the wall and with a leveler, they can be hung in a straight line.

Moreover, it is very easy to clean these floating shelves. Unlike bulky cabinets there is no floor space beneath that cannot be cleaned.


We all want more by spending less and floating shelves provide us with way more than what they cost.

Floating shelves require much less material to build as compared to bulky furniture, making them super affordable.

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Most popular colors of floating shelves for living rooms

Floating shelves are available in an array of shapes, materials, and colors, so they can suit any room theme.

Following is a list of the most popular colors of floating shelves for living rooms:

Wooden Color Shelves

Wooden shelves are by far the most popular choice for floating shelves in living rooms, as they look classic on a wall with any color and theme. They blend in quite well with your existing furniture.

White shelves

White is a universal color that can provide a minimalistic but attractive look to your walls of any dark colored color.

Black/Grey shelves

Black or grey shelves provide a brilliant contrast with your light-colored walls, resulting in a classic light and dark combination in the ambiance.

Multi colored shelves

If you are a person who loves the multi-color funky look in your living room, then this is the best option for you.

Most popular shapes of floating shelves for living rooms:

Straight through

A straight plank of wood or any other material fitted on the wall small brackets is the most simplistic and straightforward shape of floating shelves for living rooms.

The plank can be of any color and length as you see fit according to your room.

Vertical Rack

A series of small straight planks can be installed vertically in small places such as between windows or other shelves to create a fully functional wall or a decorative space.

Tiny Triangles

A stacks of triangle shaped shelves can be installed in a lonely corner to create a decorative space that showcases all your favorite things.

Right Angles

Wrapping straight shelves is also a great way to utilize corners, making your living room look more spacious and well-organized.


The path of your staircase determines where to adjust your shelves. The items on them are added according to your home’s color palette.

Diamond Cross Planes Shelf

Use of geometric patterns for interior designs is a great idea. A floating shelf in diamond shape can be used for books and small potted plants.


This honeycomb style floating shelves would look unique at in your living room. A geometry-themed interior is a new trend.

Chained Squares

This is another artistic arrangement of floating shelves that consists of interlinked squares giving your room an aesthetic look that beholders can’t take their eyes off.


Overall floating shelves are a complete package with functionality and style.

They add storage space, make your living room look neat, clean and well organized without taking up any space on the floor.

Floating shelves in your living rooms leave a lasting impression on your guests.


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