Add Beauty to Your Television With Modern Floating Shelves For TV

Floating Shelves For TV mini

Do you want to give your sitting room an amazing and unique look?

Do you have lots of TV components and equipment that you need to be organized and stored properly?

You should consider acquiring a proper floating shelf for your TV set, to decorate your living room and make your equipment look organized and attractive to you and your guests.

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The floating TV entertainment center has a lot of advantages and one of them is the light effect you will see hovering over the floor.

Apart from the practicality and storage space they also make cleaning the floor below them much easier.

Your TV set is the focal point of your living room, you do not want this place to look rough and un-kept because all eyes seem to point in that direction.

This location in your sitting room should appear attractive, neat and well arranged.

This can be easily achieved by using floating wall shelves for TV to give design and beauty to the location where your TV set is been placed.

There a lot of design for the floating shelves that will suit your TV and its components, it all depends on your style and how you want it to look just make sure it is attractive.

Different Types of Shelves For TV

A floating shelf for TV components frequently turns out to be the best fit with almost any décor.

These lovely and fancy shelves are fixed directly to wall studs and serve as an off-the-floor solution for VCR/DVD players, cable consoles or even game consoles.

Depending on the size and design you require, the shelf can also serve as a mini library for your video game CDs, pads, movie collection and so on. You can use this to hide some things that you do not want the children to have access to.

The following are a few types of floating cabinets that you will require to house your TV accessories and give your sitting room a lovely look and shape, they are;

Glass Tempered Floating Shelf

This floating shelf is capable of holding various television controllers or supporting a delicate floral arrangement in your living room and giving it a high standard look that gets the attention of anyone who steps foot into your living room.

Most tempered glass floating shelves rest on two metal supports although they might appear sturdy or unobtrusive, these supports need to be installed over two wall studs to achieve firmness.

Wood Floating Shelf

For example, a thirty-six-inch wood shelf with supports for cables and similar dangling items helps lend a sleek organized look for that messy area under the wall-mounted flat screen TV or computer console.

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This will go a long way in helping you store your TV equipment and can also be a store for little things in the house that could get missing easily such as keys, SIM cards and so on.

By placing a little tray on the shelf, you can store these little things properly and also make them easy to access.

Wood is the most popular material used in the manufacture of floating wall shelves for TV accessories because wood is capable of withstanding a large amount of weight from the equipment place on you.

AV Component Shelf

It fastens across two wall studs and is comprised of two adjustable metal arms that can support a console or a wire rack.

Being manufactured by company like ECHOGEAR, it is a low- profile A/V component shelf that allows you to mount up to 20 pounds of hardware.

It requires a double-stud installation that will allow you to correctly place your equipment underneath the flat screen TV.

And It can accommodate quite a number of devices with the help of the adjustable width been attached to it.

Also, has decorative snap-on covers that will hide all of the mounting hardware to give a clean look.

Equipped with embossed arms with screw holes, it is able to secure its components. It is highly considered to be the sparest of them all.

Floating Cabinet

A two or three shelf floating cabinet with closable doors can make order out of sliding cascades of DVDs, game accessories and more.

The closable doors would help conceal all equipment that you do not want a display, making the top the best place for placing video game consoles, decoders and so on. It is quite a simple but attractive one.

This shelves can come in different colors, they can blend in with the wall if it is being painted in the same color, or they can contrast sharply by making use of dark wood or even being painted in bright primary colors.

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Popular colors like white, black and brown tend to match any room which they are been installed in.

Use several floating shelves to make an arrangement around the big screen TV, make it look unique because this will turn out to be a place where the family can gather, or a normal human can enjoy some quiet time and be entertained.

These shelves have proven to be a good way to hide those untidy cable tangles, to place game consoles and movie players comfortably, and even upgrade your room’s general appearance.

There are so many different types, colors, and styles from which to choose and you will find it easier to find the one that will complement your other room furnishings.

No matter the location, whether the TV is in your bedroom or is the shared television in the living room, a floating shelf can both organize and create a minor store for all your television equipment.

When you go out to get your television set, always consider getting a floating shelf for your sitting room. It is an important feature that will add a unique look to the room and store TV equipment in a good manner.


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