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Shelves are common pieces of furniture throughout the world. Different types of shelves are found in almost every standard home or building in every part of the world.

Whether they are kept to store items or show those items off or just strictly for decoration, shelves play a very important role in the first impression of a building.

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Floating wood shelves are a special kind of shelves that are unique because of their appearance.

They appear to be “floating” on your wall because they have no visible support structures or platforms keeping them in place.

The floating appearance of these shelves gives a room a somewhat magical appearance. They are made of the regular materials that most shelves and prices of furniture ante made from; wood, glass, metals and other artificially made materials.

They come in tons of different colors and patterns including black, white, brown, jade, clear, dark and solid wood patterns and sometimes mixed colors.

The most used and versatile material for making floating wall shelves is wood. Floating wood shelves have an authentic and simplistic look to them and can be dyed in almost any color you want.

Different variants of wood surfaces are used in making wooden floating shelves. Rustic wood shelves with their dark slightly worn out appearance make good for mediocre or wood-themed rooms.

Driftwood shelves with their plain faded appearance work well for the display of naturally collected items(like seashells) and also fit in well with kitchens and bathrooms.

How do Floating Shelves “Float”?

Floating wall shelves are mounted without any visible fixtures (brackets or braces) holding them up. The trick to this is that the frames have hollow “doors” that allow the shelf to be slid on and supported by already mounted studs.

The holes or doors cut into the shelves are the same size as the studs fixed to the wall. When the shelf goes over the studs, all evidence of fixtures or mountings is covered up by the shelf, giving a floating appearance.

Why Use The Floating Shelves?

Floating wood shelves are wonderful pieces of furniture because of their simple yet aesthetic appearance. They look fragile because of their lack of visible supports but they are actually stronger than most traditional shelves made with regular braces and screws.

The sleek elegant nature of these shelves make the ability to fit in any room, even small rooms don’t look stuffed when floating wall shelves are installed in them.

For Books And Figurines

They look wonderful carrying books, plaques, jars, vases, toys, figurines and family photos in living rooms.

For Kitchen And Bathrooms

They can also be used to store cooking and baking items in the kitchen. Dark wood and barn wood shelves make good for storing kitchen utensils.

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Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mirrors, and first aid kits can be held up by strategically placed floating shelves in bathrooms. Other parts of houses can use floating wall shelves.

For Bedrooms And Garages

Bedrooms can have wooden floating wall shelves holding up dressing mirrors, brushes, pictures, and all other stuff depending on your preferences.

Even garages can be given a slightly better look with rustic barn wood shelves carrying wrenches, screwdrivers, saws, pliers and other tools.

Floating wood shelves are the best floating wall shelves because they fit in almost every room and can carry any item and still look good.

Different Types of Woods

An important thing when choosing wooden floating shelves is to be sure exactly what kind of wood is used.

Reclaimed wood looks like worn out wood but has a very classic look to it. They are called reclaimed because of the look like used wood that has been “reclaimed”.

The holes and slopes in the wood are carved into the frames to give the worn look. An alternative to carving new wood to look rustic is to use actually worn out wood that can still bear a load.

Wood Corner Shelves

You can have floating wood corner shelves. These shelves are angular shelves placed in corners of rooms.

You get this effect by placing two floating wood shelves on two adjacent walls so that an edge of both shelves touch each other. This gives a hanging shelf impression to the corners of your room.

Wooden floating wall shelves made out of solid wood are best for storage because of their strong structure making the ability to carry heavier loads than shelves made with other types of wood.

These solid wood shelves are the best for bookshelves and toolboxes. Light wood should be kept for strictly decorative purposes or to carry light materials like picture or paper.

Different Materials For Different Places

A floating shelf’s aesthetic value increases depending on the material or color used to make them, the material or color of the environment around them, the items they carry and lots of other factors.

Shelves placed in bathrooms or kitchens should be made with reinforced wood to ensure that they carry the objects on them without falling.


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Shelves mounted in sitting rooms and dinings that usually don’t carry heavy materials should be made of material and covered with patterns of the best aesthetic value. Light wood is a nice material for this.

Some variety of wooden floating shelves can be arranged in an organized manner and used as bookshelves, because of their sturdy and rigid nature.

Shelves With Lights

Modern innovations in furniture have spread to floating wall shelves. Wooden floating shelves at now sometimes mounted with light bulbs.

Fluorescent tubes are added to the edges of the shelf frames. With these lights, the magical appearance of the shelves is replaced with a realistic, modern style.

These lighted shelves are used in modern housed with contemporary designs. Other new styles include a new floating shelf made to look like stacks of plain white paper being tossed around by the wind.

Wooden floating shelves as you can see in this article are beautiful works of art and technology. You can use them for tons of reasons making them as versatile as can be.

Their easy to mount design makes them a perfect choice for handy people who have taste in beautiful works. With this, I hope your eyes have been opened to this awesome furniture design.

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